Difference between common cold and flu?

What are the differences between flus and colds? I don’t know about English, but in Spanish they confuse it very often when using words gripe and resfriado.

Maybe it’s not the case in English, but I would like to know what are their differences and if you can give a bunch of examples for each one similar to this way: you know that you have flu/cold when…

In addition, both flu, cold and allergies in the nose (e.g. with allergy: dust) have significant symptoms related with the nose. It is many times with mucus, sneezing or stuffy nose.

How can you recognize if it’s allergy, flu or cold? I didn’t want to take the general case of allergy because not always it is related to the nose.


Symptoms, in short:

Common cold: blocked nose, yellow/green mucus, scratchy throat lasting for 7-14 days (usually no headache, fever or fatigue), year round

Hay fever (allergy to pollens): runny nose (not really blocked), clear mucus, itchy eyes, lasting for several weeks, mainly in spring (usually no headache, fever or fatigue)

Flu (seasonal influenza): Headache, high fever, muscle pain and profound fatigue that needs bed rest. Fever usually last for less than a week, mainly in winter (October – March).

Even shorter: common cold = thick, yellow mucus; pollen allergy = thin, clear mucus; flu = headache + fever + fatigue

Sometimes, common cold can present with mild fever and mild headache in which case you may not tell if it is cold or mild flu.

Source: Cold vs Flu Ehealthstar.com

Source : Link , Question Author : Pichi Wuana , Answer Author : Jan

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