Ripik 100 Medicine

What is Ripik 100 medicine? Ripik 100 medicine used to treat a wide range of infections caused by bacteria, including pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus infections. Ripik 100 is also used to prevent infections in people who are at risk of developing them, such as those receiving chemotherapy or those who have had a recent surgery. […]

Zafnol tablets

What are zafnol tablets and what do they do? Zafnol tablets are a medication used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. They work by increasing the levels of a chemical in the brain called serotonin, which helps to improve mood and decrease anxiety. Zafnol tablets are usually taken twice a day, and should be taken […]

Juvasc Tablet

What is Juvasc Tablet? Juvasc Tablet is a tablet that is used to help improve the appearance of the skin. It is a form of medication that is known as a dermal filler. This means that it is a substance that is used to fill in the depressions or indentations in the skin. It is […]

Doxibion Tablet

What is doxibion tablet? Doxibion tablet is a drug that is used to treat a variety of conditions. It is a type of antibiotic that is known as a fluoroquinolone. It is used to treat bacterial infections, including bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinus infections. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections, skin infections, and […]

Periactin Syrup

What is Periactin Syrup? Periactin Syrup is an antihistamine medication prescribed to treat allergic reactions, such as hives, and to prevent motion sickness. The syrup form of the medication is used to treat infants and children. It is available in tablet and capsule form as well. Periactin works by blocking the effects of histamine, a […]

Myoglad tablet

Benefits of Myoglad tablet Myoglad tablet is a medication that is used to improve the symptoms of overactive bladder. It helps to decrease the number of times that you need to go to the bathroom and also helps to improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence.     How to use myoglad tablet for weight loss? […]


What is validol and what are its benefits? Validol is a medication that is used to relieve anxiety and to treat and prevent heart attacks. It is a type of benzodiazepine that works by slowing down the activity of the brain. This medication comes in the form of a tablet that is taken by mouth. […]

Alofix Injection

What is alofix injection and what are its benefits? Alofix is a biologic agent that is administered intravenously to help improve the function of the immune system. It is used to help reduce the risk of infection in people who are receiving treatment for cancer. Alofix Injection works by increasing the number of white blood […]

Pills on yom kippur

What are the benefits of taking pills on yom kippur? There are many benefits to taking pills on Yom Kippur. By taking your medication, you will be able to focus on your spiritual healing and repentance without having to worry about your physical health. Additionally, by taking your medication you will be able to rest […]


What is clotles injection? Clotles injection is a medication used to help prevent blood clots from forming. It is a type of anticoagulant medication. This injection is also known as heparin. This injection works by stopping the body from making certain proteins that are needed for blood clotting. This helps to prevent blood clots from […]

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